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Ray Wooten, President

Ray is a native born New Mexican with roots in Northern New Mexico. When his father, and founder of Wooten construction Company, moved the family to Las Cruces 57 years ago, Ray became a permanent Las Cruces resident. Most of that time, 43 years to be exact, he has worked in the commercial construction business. At 20, he became officially employed, and under the tutelage of his father, Clay Wooten, as well as the master builders who made up Clay’s team of experts, he learned the scope of commercial construction from the ground up.

Prior to that “official” start, Ray spent many summers doing the odd construction jobs a kid could manage….especially sweeping and cleaning job sites. So, he was well prepared when, in 1985, he took charge of Wooten Construction Company and became the 2nd generation to carry the company forward.

While Ray’s trademark has become his consistent, knowledgeable, and successful leadership of an ever-growing commercial construction company, he still saves room for the good life away from the world of business.

Along with his wife, he is the proud parent to three grown and busy children. And they, in turn, have opened up the world of grand-parenting to five, and
great-grand-parenting to one, so far.

Having volunteered and served on many community organizations over the years, his active interest in the welfare of Las Cruces is now formalized in his membership in both the Mesilla Valley Business Trends, and the NMSU Aggie Athletic Fund.

Ken Wooten, Vice President

As the 3rd generation to step into the leadership of Wooten Construction Company, Ken relies on all his 35 years of being trained and groomed for this responsibility by his father, Ray, and grandfather, Clay. A native born Las Crucen, he recalls summers of working for Wooten since he was “old enough to hold a broom”.

Ken moved into high gear in 1986 when he attended the carpenters apprenticeship program. This is currently reflected in his service on the Board of the Joint Carpenter’s Apprenticeship Program. At present, Ken is the Vice President of Wooten Construction Company, as well as its Safety Officer. His experience in Project Management, in addition to Superintending projects, serves him well in effectively running the operations of a growing construction firm. His experience as a Project Manager resulted in the construction of the building he describes as his favorite - Wooton Hall on the NMSU campus, which serves as the Jornada Experimental Range Headquarters.


Pat Montoya, Project Manager

Patrick is a recent addition to the Wooten team. He was born and raised in Las Cruces and wouldn't live anywhere else. A graduate of New Mexico State University, Patrick retired from the City of Las Cruces in 2008 as a Plan reviewer and Building/Projects inspector. Certified through the International Code Council as a Plan reviewer, Building inspector and Plumbing Inspector, he brings to Wooten a vast knowledge of Building, zoning, and development codes. Working for the City has given Patrick a unique view point into the construction business, and understands the Wooten standards of excellence.

Patrick and his wife of twenty one years are the proud parents of two children, a boy and a girl. Both of the children are enthusiastically involved year round in baseball and softball. Tournaments are held both in Las Cruces and El Paso and seem to take up most weekends. Besides being a proud husband and father, Patrick is also very passionate about hot rods. When not on the ball field, you can find Patrick in his garage working on his 1932 Ford coupe. His favorite food, being a native New Mexican is “Mexican” what else?

Patrick is highly focused on providing the Wooten standard of professional service to our clients. We are very pleased to have his knowledge, constant work ethic, and enthusiasm contributing to our Wooten team.

Ben Hall, Project Manager

Ben very recently re-located to Las Cruces from San Antonio, Texas. However, Ben’s history with Las Cruces and Wooten Construction Company began many years ago.

Ben’s family made Las Cruces their home for several years when Ben was in Junior High and High school. During that time, Ben was always looking for some extra summer money, and the jobs that would produce it. That led him to Clay Wooten’s office and, after verifying that he could dig a good ditch, he was put to work laboring on one of Wooten’s projects at New Mexico State University.

Thus began Ben’s on-the-ground education in construction, which he enhanced with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from New Mexico State University in 1970. Ben’s 37 years in the construction industry have involved a broad range of responsibilities from Estimator and Field Engineer to Superintending to extensive Project Management. Ben once again contributes his meaningful experience in all these areas, as well as his skill in working with clients and sub-contractors, to Wooten Construction Company projects. You might say he learned the Wooten standards of quality from an early age, and knows exactly how to apply them now.

John Cully, Project Manager

John is a native New Mexican and a “construction kid”, having been raised in a family construction business. With this experience of learning the “how to” from the ground up, John offers 25 years of experience to the Wooten mix.

John is highly focused on providing the Wooten standard of professional service to our clients. We are very pleased to have his knowledge, constant work ethic, and enthusiasm contributing to our Wooten team.

John and his wife are the proud parents of three children two boys and a girl and is enthusiastically involved in all that entails. For his “hobby” he listed camping which he shares with his family, and golf. His time is also spent watching his daughter in gymnastics, his son in Tae kwon do and listing to his son play bass guitar.

His favorite food, being a native New Mexico is “Mexican” what else, well maybe seafood.


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