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Pete Gonzalez, Superintendent

Pete traded his home state of Texas to make his home, for the last 16 years, here in Las Cruces. His life in construction spans 34 years, and he brings all that expertise to his skill at taking charge of Wooten projects in the field.

Perhaps, coming from a family of 11 siblings initiated his innate ability to organize and supervise, which he does in the way of successful professionals, making the difficult and complex look easy.

Jaime Vargas, Superintendent

Jaime is a builder with 22 years of experience in construction. Hailing from Texas, he has been a part of the Wooten “front-line” of field superintendents for two years. Jaime coordinates both workers and job phases with the confidence born of his extensive background.

Perhaps his facility for juggling multiple demands on the job harkens back to being the youngest in a thriving family of 13 children. Now, he and his wife, Lorena, continue those family organizational skills with their own five children ranging in age from 18 to 3 years old. And, happily included in this mix, are the family’s five dogs.

A favorite day away from work for Jaime would actually include remodeling “honey-do’s” and riding his motorcycle on the way to get his favorite food…..Enchiladas!

Mike Eorio, Superintendent

Mike Eorio traded his home state of New Jersey for his desert home here in Las Cruces 17 years ago. However, his construction life started well before that time. Mike brings 30 years of experience in the construction industry to his responsibilities as a Wooten field superintendent. The field, of course, is where the owner’s “vision” becomes a quality-finished project, and Mike ensures that the Wooten standard is met every time. Besides that, he likes being where the action is.

This is true in his favorite outside-of-work activities as well. Motorcycle riding and football are what Mike considers great pastimes. But, they always take their place behind the top of his “favorites” list, and that is spending time with his wife, Myra. Mike and Myra are the proud parents of three grown children, as well as 2 grandchildren and a dog, a cat, and two birds!

Mike Dominguez, Superintendent

Mike, another member of our highly qualified team, is also a native New Mexican, having lived in Las Cruces for 44 years. With his 29 years of construction experience, he is well prepared to meet the daily challenges of keeping a job running on time, and in budget, while maintaining the constant Wooten standard of quality. He is proud to have been the superintendent on the award winning Dona Ana County Complex, and counts it as his favorite building in Las Cruces.

Mike knows how to organize people. Perhaps being the ninth in his birth family contributes to that skill. With his wife, Mike is the proud parent of two grown children, while also counting a St. Bernard as part of their family.

Curtis Lilly, Superintendent

Curtis has been a valued member of the Wooten field supervision team since 1999. Hailing from Texas, he has made his home in Las Cruces for 45 years, and has worked in the construction business for 27 of those years. As a Journeyman carpenter, Curtis has experience in both re-modeling and new construction of commercial and residential buildings.

With his wife, Debbie he enjoys a full crew of family, including three sons, a daughter, a Welsh Corgi and a Yellow Lab! This might be why Curtis chooses his home as his favorite “building”.

In his personal time, Curtis enjoys fishing, working in the yard, and fishing! The excellence of New Mexico Chile has a lot to do with the fact that his favorite food is New Mexico Mexican fare.

Jessie Duarte, Superintendent

Jesse was born in Las Cruces 31 years ago, and has spent almost half his life, 15 years to be exact, in the construction business. Jesse is easy-going by nature, but quite serious and focused in his commitment to see that his jobs come together with quality and timeliness. Jesse gives every project outstanding professional effort to ensure that the high Wooten Construction standards are met.

Jesse and his wife are the proud parents of two children and enthusiastically involved in all that entails. Perhaps that makes it natural that Jesse lists his “hobby” as coaching youth soccer. And, his favorite sport? That would be soccer of course. Although his coaching of youth basketball is also a serious competitor for “favorite”. If you combine these “favorites, his easy-going nature would be quite satisfied.

Kerry Smith, Superintendent

Kerry’s 35 years in the construction business have uniquely prepared him to excel in the multi-tasking required of a Supervisor. When he joined Wooten Construction in 1994, he quickly demonstrated his expertise as a Journeyman carpenter, as well as knowledge of steel erection, and tilt wall concrete. With Kerry’s broad, hands-on knowledge of what is required to successfully take a project from bare ground to full completion, he was the perfect fit for Wooten as a Supervisor. Kerry knows the Wooten standards of excellence, and brings all his skills to bear in making them his personal standards as well.

A native New Mexican, Kerry grew up as the oldest of three brothers. Perhaps it was this that put Kerry on a good footing to continue to make family his primary interest. He and his wife, Anne, have raised their own “soccer team” of five children.

Kerry’s life-long athletic experience led to coaching various sports starting as early as his own high school years. So, when his own family was ready for the sporting life, Kerry added coaching youth soccer to his sports and community service resume. This resulted in many youngsters being encouraged and positively influenced. Among them, Kerry’s own five children, who all became very active and productive in the sport.

So, it’s not surprising that Kerry says there is nothing he likes more than being with family. On a perfect day, he would also include some fishing, or perhaps a good college football game in the mix. It wouldn’t be hard to plan this perfect day around food since Kerry describes his favorite as “eatable”.


Jimmy Serna

Jimmy Serna is a force to be reckoned with at Wooten Construction Company. Jimmy’s superb management of the Wooten warehouse defines “good work ethic”.

Because of Jimmy’s pro-active style, Wooten Construction can be confident that the myriad number of items needed for simultaneous projects is always at hand, accounted for, and in working condition. This is a crucial element in meeting the goals of “quality on time, and in budget” which define a Wooten project.

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